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Girl Wanted
I want a girl
who thinks
with her eyes closed
(in black and white)
and does not drink chamomile tea.
She does not watch movies
by Nicholas Sparks
and thinks God
really is Morgan Freeman
or someone she has not met
She reads Goethe, Sartre
and Salinger
and knows Orlando
is more than just
a city.
She wears plain white tees
and jeans so faded
her skin has lost its
and her shoes
chew the pavement
with real distinction.
:iconpoetrymann:Poetrymann 899 311
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Werewolf Plea
Oh great mother
Night be your brother
Hear my  plea
Make a wolf of me!
Grant me paws
Sharp talons and claws
Grant me a pelt
Only the sun can melt
Grant me fangs
Pointed that hang
Grant me eyes
Sharp that cut through lies
Grant me a howl
A powerful growl
Grant me a tail
One that will not fail
Here’s where I stand
Over this great land
Wild and free
This is my true destiny  
:iconblackwolfds:BlackWolfDS 87 53
Let me run and howl under the moon,
What does it matter I'm never going to die.
I won't return, not very soon,
I need to get away; all I need are wings to fly.
Don't come after me or I'll turn on you.
You won't know what to do or to think,
I'm the monster, the beast, with a hate you never knew,
So break my leash, just one link.
Bend the bars of my cage,
So I can spread my wings,
Fly away with all my curses and rage,
I'll return when the Thorn bird sings.
Above all my senseless dreams I'll soar,
Floating through all my old childhood memories,
I'll go on, faraway from here, and know so much more,
So break these bonds, I beg you, please.
So under the moon I can howl and run,
Singing my praises to the one above,
I'll run away at the first ray of the sun,
And chase after the one I love.
I'll come back one day,
Just wait and see,
I'll take your own chains away,
And together we'll run free.
:iconlycanthropevl:LycanthropeVl 218 77
Trapped in the arms of a demon,
possessed by evil.
Demons of lust, depression,
self mutilation plague my fading soul.
I can't see beyond them.
My life is dissolving.
I can hear the roars
and feel the change.
The crisp emotionless, voices
of the beasts holding onto me.
The words they whisper out of my own mouth,
echoes in my head.
The shadows on my arms,
the voices in my head,
the presences around me,
the  unpleasant dreams.
I plead for help,
but none come to the rescue.
Scared like a child,
in the arms of a stranger,
I fight back,
only to be slowly defeated,
in the most painful antagonistic ways.
:iconmidnightdream2:midnightdream2 14 2
Time to go, time to fall
All the way, see the stars
Pirates game, just a sound
scraping by, flying high
whispering, tattling
pinky-promise told out loud
Just a wish, just a shush
having done, no around
soon alone, holding fright
fingers frail, curled up tight
shirt sleeve ripping, what the?
No! What? No! Why? No!
Prints are here, agony
shattered beauty, just a sin
aching eyes, swollin grief
shutting down, flip the switch
broke my hands, you're such a...
faking teeth, twisted lips
squinted eyes,focused here
fingernails, curled to claws
anger scratching twisting jaw
sadness tripping catching up
lose the race, ripping mask
tore in two, inside out
unknown famine crazy eyes
feeling trapped, ripping sighs
so much closer almost there
so, so spent, just a hair...
more... fail... more... die... more...
apology not taken
postcards not accepted here
not here, never here, not...
it was someday yesterday.
:iconmythological-rebel:Mythological-Rebel 1 0
the Past by Mythological-Rebel the Past :iconmythological-rebel:Mythological-Rebel 4 0


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Don't you just hate when people never ask the right things? Or even ask nothing at all, sometimes. It's so frustrating seeing that if they just asked that one, tiny little question the whole thong could possibly be finished faster and better yet it never even seems to occur to them to ask. It's such a little word, one so natural to most humans, yet few ever dare ask when they see they must: the question is why? Why did you do that? Why did you feel that way? Explain to me the reasoning you had to make such a choice, something! When you don't ask it you look like a prock and show yourself being self-righteous: "I don't need to bother asking because obviously what I'm saying is so perfectly right." Ever meet that person? They never ask, especially when they should ask it first and most. It's an awful feeling being the other half in that, it's less argument or debate and more of a fight or such. If you are to bring up your reasoning, it flusters and further angers the person who's currently pretty upset. If you get snarky, it triples. You play submissive and they keep ranting and their rage stays. So, they need to ask that question. Personally, I feel like a prick trying to explain myself, to tell what went through my head to do such a thing, to someone who refuses to ask. It's kinda like begging or saying you're better. I'd love people to question me, no matter how flustered it makes me, being questioned makes me understand it (and often myself) more. Too bad no one cares to ask, most of us are self-roghteous or pretentious, and those that aren't are either submissive or so full of attitude they can't ask it.

In short: ask before you yell, please? They will only fight harder if you don't or you'll just bury them further in guilt and fear.

[Totally ramdom but... What is anguish?]
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United States
I'm just a dillatante of the arts, so far my skills have been directed verbally but you know how it goes. ;) Lately the interests reshift and so here i am, to annoy all of you with an attempt at artwork. :D


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